Another flagship brand that has been designed to differentiate various product specifications by color.
Good quality hand warmer should be able to maintain at the right temperature for an extended period. Our hand warmers are true to the quality of these conditions.
We guarantee the best quality.
We use durable materials for our outer wrapper that allows content to be stored for up to 3 years.
High quality non-woven fabric is used for the pouch, which prevents content leakage, lint free and is soft to the touch.
Our products can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.
01BWarm - Mega Hand Warmer 150g
The mega hand warmers have longer heat duration compared to regular ones and are exceptional choice for soldiers or those who spend most of the day outdoors.
Highest Temp. 70℃
Up to 18 Hours
150mm X 130mm
02BWarm - Hand Warmer 100g
This is the most widely used hand warmer amongst active people. Its weight and size is ideal for all outdoor activities and is easy to carrying around.
Highest Temp. 70℃
Up to 14 Hours
140mm X 105mm
03BWarm - Hand Warmer 80g
This slightly weight-saving hand warmers are used for various outdoor events and also ideal for promotional purposes.
Highest Temp. 70℃
Up to 12 Hours
140mm X 105mm
04BWarm - Mini Hand Warmer 45g
This warmer is very practical with its compact size and easy to hold in hand type. It is recommended for users who commute in the cold on a daily basis or for those in need of heat for short durations.
Highest Temp. 68℃
Up to 8 Hours
110mm X 100mm
05BWarm - Body Warmer 50g
This is an adhesive type of body warmer that can be adhered on to the underclothing. It is exceptionally convenient and by covering it with an outer jacket, it will be able to distribute warmth throughout the body.
Highest Temp. 65℃
Up to 12 Hours
130mm X 100mm
06BWarm - Toe Warmer 20g
The adhesive toe warmer is used on the outside of your sock, either at the top or bottom of the toe area, which is more susceptible to coldness compared to other parts of the body.
20g X 2
Highest Temp. 50℃
Up to 6 Hours
95mm X 80mm
07BWarm - Seat Cushion Warmer 400g
This warmer is the size of a standard cushion and features lower temperature and longer heat durations compared to standard warmers. This product is particularly ideal for those who spend extensive long hours in the cold (i.e., camping, fishing, recreational work, etc.)
Highest Temp. 63℃
Up to 12 Hours
320mm X 290mm